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This is a mass-tort proposed class proceeding ("Proceeding") brought in the Federal Court of Canada in respect of aerial discharges ("Aerial Discharges") performed or sanctioned,  directly or indirectly by Her Majesty the Queen in Canadian air space, and which Aerial Discharges compromise cognitive function,  damage property and the environment, amongst many other heads of damage.

This web-site will serve as a repository for non-classified public documents that are relevant to the Canadian Aerial Discharge class action and will endeavor to provide news and updates in respect of the Proceeding from time to time.  All content of this web-site is the property of the Crane LLP, counsel to the Proceeding.  All statements or assertions on this site or on any posted documentation or links relate to allegations in respect of a pending proceeding in a court of law, and as at the present time those allegations have yet to be proven.




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